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Let’s View Water as an Investment

We lose 30% of our treated water to leaks, we don’t replace lead pipes and we put off necessary rebuilding improvements. The questions raised by Jane Kenny and Mark Mauriello are both on point and very telling.

water cycleWith the legislature covering hearings on our infrastructure needs, it is important that they consider the “One Water” approach…that is, look at the water cycle from start to start. Yes, that’s start to start.

Water is a cycle. We have a finite quantity that must be used over and over again. Yet, throughout history, we have treated water for drinking as a separate issue from used water. It is time to rethink the world of water in a more holistic fashion.

We have a chance to make an investment that is shown to return more than 200% for every dollar spent, improve cleanliness of the water we drink and save energy at the same time.

Let’s do it.

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Fixing N.J.’s water infrastructure is not a cost, it’s an investment


Water, a Terrible Thing To Waste

In a series of articles with part one just being issued by the New York Times, we see what happens when people build in a manner that works against natural systems rather than working with natural systems. It is painfully obvious that Mexico City is a city on the verge of collapse, both figuratively and physically because of water; or should I say a lack of water.


The City was built on and over ancient wetlands and acquires. But rather than learn from those who built the city, The Aztecs, who, in their wisdom built their city in such a way so as to work with the water in the area, the Mexican government allowed and is still allowing for the destruction of acquires, paving of recharge areas, the overuse of water and the pollution of that same water.

Here we have a major city that still emits raw sewerage into open air canals.

This article is a good lesson on what happens when development is allowed to proceed unchecked, with no or ineffectual government regulation.

So, new Administration…and you know who I mean, do you really want to dismantle our environmental regulations? Well, you probably do, but may I just opine…that is dumb…

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Climate change is threatening to push a crowded capital toward a breaking point.
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