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Apple Becomes a Green Energy Supplier

When she still worked in New Jersey, I had the pleasure of working with Lisa Jackson of Apple from time to time. Lisa was, and remains, a person who can take complex environmental issues and turn them into ideas that make sense.

Green Energy SupplierNow we see that Apple, where Lisa ended up after her stint at EPA…has implemented a solar and renewable energy program where they not only generate electrical power that they need, but buy it as well. To my mind, that has always been one of the potential beauties of solar power. Become your own power producer.

The most impressive element of this program is not that Apple is actually listening to an expert in sustainability from within, but that they have taken this concept and made it in the context of a business decision. Specifically, by becoming a green energy supplier, they are going to save money as well as generate clean power.

The decision means that they can continue to do well while doing some good.

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Apple Becomes a Green Energy Supplier, With Itself as Customer
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The Cost of Fossil Fuels

The Cost of Fossil FuelsI cannot blame the utility company for looking at renewable energy and the lower profits caused by the availability of cheap fossil fuels. But of course, the cost of fossil fuels is not real.

We still, and I know that I have been on my soapbox about this for some time, provide obscene levels of subsidy to fossil fuels. Thus the price for these fuels is already artificially low.

We will never move forward unless we either:

  1. Take those subsidies away from fossil fuels.
  2. Charge for their true cost in terms of environmental and ecosystem cost.
  3. Provide the same subsidies to alternative power sources at the same level.

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In Britain, a Green Utility Company Sees Winds of Change
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Renewable Energy

renewable-energy-cubeThe New Jersey Board of Public Utilities has taken a step forward in solving a major concern with regard to renewable energy. Storage = consistency of power. As we move forward in the area of energy storage, we continue to allow for our evolution away from fossil fuels.

The grants are a great step forward.

One thing that we must do with this research, and something on which I see little written, is be certain that we design storage systems with end of life design in mind. Storage and renewable energy will have less meaning if the technologies result in additional pollution or end of life waste.

I hope that the grants are taking this into account.

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State Invests in Backup Storage for Solar Power and Wind Energy Systems


Duke Energy gets misdemeanor charge for dumping millions of gallons of toxic coal ash into North Carolina’s Dan River

Duke Energy is finally charged for illegally dumping millions of gallons of toxic coal ash into the Dan River of North Carolina. Unfortunately, this is being filed as a misdemeanor. I wonder why the law does not make this a felony? Well, that is beyond my pay grade…


But, when I have debates about renewable energy with my colleagues…where they complain about subsidies to renewables or better yet make the analogy that this winter we had some panels collapse and damage a few cars thus renewables are dangerous..I have to laugh a bit.

First, we are subsidizing the coal industry every time that we make a deal allowing companies to sully our environment with cheap disposal options. Secondly, I am fairly confident that we cannot equate the environmental damage of a destroyed solar panel with that done knowingly by Duke Energy; can we?

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Duke Energy Is Charged in Huge Coal Ash Leak
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