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Is it Recycling or Scavenging?

The article in Craines NY Business outlines a young entrepreneur who is getting rich on the labor of the less fortunate while he is probably undermining years of recycling education in the City of New York. There are really two questions here.

The first is that the company its relying on people scavenging (allegedly) through the unseparated garbage of certain commercial and apartment complexes to find redeemable cans and bottles.

gray market recycling operationOn its face, there are problems here. The fact that people are not separating the materials in the first place is a violation of City law. The fact that he is offering property owners a service that essentially says don’t do more to separate your recyclables as required by law is probably a violation of City Law. The fact that he is operating a gray market recycling operation without a Business Integrity Commission License is certainly a violation of the spirit of the law.

I am all for doing what can be done to enhance recycling in all locations. Recycling creates jobs and in many programs helps to employ low skilled laborers in meaningful employment while they perform a valuable service.

Unfortunately, this program relies on people to whom this “entrepreneur” is not offering any job benefits…wages, health benefits,etc…On whose earnings he does not pay any taxes as an employer is required to do. His “employees” make no contributions to their future social security or medicare payments and the company makes limited contributions to the local economy.

In many poor countries scavengers scour landfills and garbage dumps for recyclable materials and sell them to people like this gentleman. Is this really how we want to have recycling work in this country?

Let’s think again.

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Conrad Cutler built an empire on recycling cans. But he’s putting a dent in city revenue


Selling Bottled Water that’s Better for the Planet

To me, the title is a contradiction in terms. By its very nature, bottled water consumes more resources to produce, requires a large carbon footprint and in the end, not matter how the container is designed, creates a waste stream.

I give the owner credit for attempting to make a container that has a smaller environmental impact than some containers, and for making a container that is made from largely renewable resources…but this is just one more unnecessary product being placed in the general market.

I am also not convinced that the container is as recyclable as advertised…not every community can recycle aseptic style packaging so to say that it is recyclable is a bit of a reach.

recycle bottled water

Essentially, notwithstanding their good marketing, the company is making a container (they don’t make the product) that is just a little less bad for the planet, not better for it.

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Selling Bottled Water That’s Better for the Planet
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