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Yet Another Example of Fiscal and Environmental Mis-Management

As noted, we each pay a fee of $1.50 per tire to help pay for the proper disposal of old tire. Each year, this fee generates $9.2 million according to The Record.

You would think that this would be more than enough money to clean up the now new and growing tire problem. But, it seems that both prior and current administrations haven’t seen a pot of money that it does not like for whatever purpose it deems necessary…In this case, almost all of the money generated from 2005-2015 went for snow removal.

Now, as a matter of public policy, I generally agree with the proposition that the administration should have flexibility to move money in emergencies based on public need. However, hit seems that in this matter (and others as I have written), money is moved as a matter of convenience.

Here is the sequence…

  1. The money is dedicated to a fund to clean up tire.
  2. The administration does not allow the money to be spent on the dedicated program.
  3. The administration declares the money unused and allows it to be transferred to the general fund.

The result? tire piles growing and no money to pay for the clean up.


This is simply poor public policy.

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N.J. losing ground in fight against dumping of tire


New Jersey Governor Moving Open Space Funds

We have become accustomed to our New Jersey Governor moving and playing with what are supposed to be dedicated funds for years. Everything from Lead abatement to green energy funds have been raided and moved to plug budget gaps. It is a shame really, but not unexpected.


The latest move essentially shows that this administration has raided so much money from so many sources, it is no wonder that we have had our credit downgraded.

This latest move is almost comical. The management of the NJDEP, including the parks section, is funded by fees and fines paid to the Department. This has been the case for many years. Indeed, the entire Department is funded by the fees paid by all of us that use the Department’s services.

Why isn’t there enough money to fund management? Simply put, this administration has already raided those monies…

All of this reminds me of a great line from the movie “Dave” where an outside accountant is brought in by the “President” to help find money for a worthy program in the budget. The accountant says that if he kept his books like this, he would be in jail…

The sad thing is that these continued raids simply hurt peoples’ confidence in our institutions as well as hurting the programs for which the money was intended.

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Gov. Christie’s shifting of $20M in open space funds called unconstitutional