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Donald Trump, the King of Spin

Donald Trump says that he wants to help business by cutting regulations by 75%. He also claims that he is a “very big person” when it comes to the environment and that he has received awards on this very topic.

donald trump

However, in a recent Washington Post article, it is clearly proven that this is yet another of Mr. Trump’s use of Alternative Facts. Indeed, there is no evidence that Donald J. Trump has ever won an environmental award of any kind. Now to be fair, his Bedminster Golf Course did receive a Metropolitan Golf Association Club Environmental Award in 2007 for environmental stewardship…but this same course was cited by the NJDEP in 2011 for environmental violations.

Given his views on the environment and his proffering of environmental luddites to positions of power, his claim does not stand up.

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Trump’s unsupported claim he has ‘received awards on the environment’


Pesticides and Safety…A Brief Review

Clyde Haberman writes a fine retrospective about Rachel Carson and how her works were often misreported and she vilified when she made her clarion call about DDT (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane). A note here…DDT is still made and still used…

ddtWhy write about this now? Obviously, the new administration has a view about environmental protection that is about as enlightened as that of our Cro-Magnon ancestors. Actually, that is a disservice to our ancestors, they actually understood that the environment affected their lives.

We can see that when Ms. Carson raised her concerns, she was attacked with “Alternative Facts”…ie, lies. History does repeat itself…

The key to the use of pesticides is simple…use integrated pest management, think about the consequences of your product and think before acting.

Of course, the article focuses on how to control malaria. It points out that DDT is much less effective now than it was, but still useful when used selectively. In other words, pesticides have a place, but only if used properly.

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Rachel Carson, DDT and the Fight Against Malaria
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Considering Climate Change in a Real Estate Purchase

Ron Lieber recently wrote a very good article on what to look for in buying real estate and considering climate change when you do so. First, let me say that whether climate change is anthropogenic or not is not the point. The point is that if you are going to invest near a coastal area, you need to avoid “delusional thinking”.

climate change coastal flooding

He correctly points out that homeowners insurance usually does not cover flooding and that flood insurance is going to simply become more expensive in the future. It is also important to note that flood maps are based on PAST EVENTS…and we are already seeing that they are generally inadequate.

Caveat Emptor holds for buying houses in general…but in coastal or flood prone areas, you really need to watch what you are doing…

As a side note..and in a crass commercial pitch…if you are really worried about long term flooding, I am selling 18 acres of land that is over 600 feet above sea level in Sussex County…so if you buy that land, you are as safe as I can think you would be…


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You’re Buying a Home. Have You Considered Climate Change?
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Climate and Coastal Real Estate…Not Perfect Together

What a view may take a back seat to how safe is the house going to be if it is near the water. That is the basis of a recent article on how market forces are effecting there real estate market in coastal areas. Yes, we all like to be near the water. Yes, those that can afford to will probably always build near the water.

Coastal Real Estate

The most interesting aspect of this article is the fact that the free market is moving faster than our elected officials in changing how property near the cost is viewed. Specifically, that water front property may be the next dot-com bubble.

In some cases real estate deals are falling through due to high flood insurance premiums. This makes sense and those premiums probably need to go even higher.

The end result is that market forces are recognizing that we cannot control coastal flooding with man made systems. Just as in war, we tend to build for the last event, not the next event.

Who will lose? Everyone and mostly those that think that investments near water are a good bet…However, and to be sure, the banks and developers will be living on higher ground with the unwitting buyers money.

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Perils of Climate Change Could Swamp Coastal Real Estate
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