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The Attempted Destruction of Five Decades of Progress

I think that this quote from the recent New Yorker Article sums it up best…”…It’s clear that we’re about to witness the steady demolition, or attempted demolition, of the environmental protections that have been put in place over the past five decades.”

In a recently leaked memo, Trump’s priorities have been made clear….Stop the Clean Power Plan, allow wetlands destruction, stop cleaning up Chesapeake Bay. To further this position, he is placing a person who clearly dislikes the EPA and has sued it 14 times.

clean power plan

But let’s not stop there. Let’s issue gag orders on to prevent factual information from being released…

This article is rife with what could at best be described as frightening information.

What is saddest of all is the fact that environmental protections have been economically shown to benefit profits, jobs and overall expenditures. A clean environment means lower respiratory illness rates, cleaner and more easily treated water and better long term economic sustainability.

Of course, if you are a short term profit monger, then protecting the environment makes no sense.

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Donald Trump, the King of Spin

Donald Trump says that he wants to help business by cutting regulations by 75%. He also claims that he is a “very big person” when it comes to the environment and that he has received awards on this very topic.

donald trump

However, in a recent Washington Post article, it is clearly proven that this is yet another of Mr. Trump’s use of Alternative Facts. Indeed, there is no evidence that Donald J. Trump has ever won an environmental award of any kind. Now to be fair, his Bedminster Golf Course did receive a Metropolitan Golf Association Club Environmental Award in 2007 for environmental stewardship…but this same course was cited by the NJDEP in 2011 for environmental violations.

Given his views on the environment and his proffering of environmental luddites to positions of power, his claim does not stand up.

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Trump’s unsupported claim he has ‘received awards on the environment’


Green Travel…Are we there yet?

Although it is not that overwhelming, only 25% of hotels have a sustainability program and it is becoming more commonplace to see such hotels. Even more promising, there are more tour groups that try and run socially and sustainably oriented travel programs.

I think that it is equally promising that cruise lines, long notorious polluters of the air and water, are, pardon the pun, getting on board and becoming more environmentally conscious.

environmentally responsible

Why? As I have pointed out in prior posts on many topics, it is both doing good and doing well at the same time. Companies are beginning to realize that they need to both protect the resources that their tours and programs rely on, and that being more environmentally responsible means that they can increase their profit margins.

It is a small effort to make when looking for environmentally responsible travel.

So, why not get onto the trend and commit to such travel?

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Where Sustainable Travel Is Headed in 2017
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Paying for Organic Farming up Front

In an interesting twist on free market driven farming, the Times reported that several large food company customers are helping to pay for the costs incurred by farmers to grow organic produce. These costs are usually affiliated with the need to transition the land from standard, AKA petrochemical driven practices, to organic farming practices. A period that can take several years.

Organic Farming CostsIs this out of the goodness of their hearts? No, it is a consequence of the law of supply and demand. There is now a greater demand for organic produce and thus, to meet that demand, companies are investing in improving the supply of available land. After all, pesticide free land is the basis of organic farming.

Nice to see the market work and have something good come from it as well.

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Paying Farmers to Go Organic, Even Before the Crops Come In
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