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Scott Pruitt is a Dangerous Man

URGENT UPDATE: October 13th 2017


I am not prone to such outbursts in my blog…but read all of the attached…The be even more afraid.

Note that my sources are real…I revise my earlier note that this is a dangerous administration with regard to environmental issues…It is worse…It is an administration that has determined that ethics mean nothing, people don’t count at all and all that matters is how companies that are no longer sustainable can have their owners enriched at the expense of each of us.


‘The war on coal is over’: Environmental Protection Agency to repeal Clean Power Plan

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EPA Chief Announces Reversal Of Obama-Era Curbs On Coal Plants

Having had the pleasure of dealing with the USEPA over the years under different administrations and for different reasons, I find the actions of the current Administrator to be the most disturbing that I have ever witnessed. The current administrator seems to think that he can destroy the agency from within through his actions.

Worse yet, he is acting in a manner that clearly demonstrates that his dismantling of regulations is designed to harm more people in a short time in order to bolster polluters’ profits without regard to sound scientific principles or ideas. Why would he act in secret if this was not the case?

Scott Pruitt is a cancer on the agency and a real threat to the health and safety of our land, water and air.

I have not always agreed with the actions of administrators, but I at least have respected their intent. The current administrator clearly has an intent of destruction and he should be removed from office.

scott pruitt

Since that is not likely to happen, we must call out his actions and make them public.

Read the full article:
Scott Pruitt Is Carrying Out His E.P.A. Agenda in Secret, Critics Say
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The Attempted Destruction of Five Decades of Progress

I think that this quote from the recent New Yorker Article sums it up best…”…It’s clear that we’re about to witness the steady demolition, or attempted demolition, of the environmental protections that have been put in place over the past five decades.”

In a recently leaked memo, Trump’s priorities have been made clear….Stop the Clean Power Plan, allow wetlands destruction, stop cleaning up Chesapeake Bay. To further this position, he is placing a person who clearly dislikes the EPA and has sued it 14 times.

clean power plan

But let’s not stop there. Let’s issue gag orders on to prevent factual information from being released…

This article is rife with what could at best be described as frightening information.

What is saddest of all is the fact that environmental protections have been economically shown to benefit profits, jobs and overall expenditures. A clean environment means lower respiratory illness rates, cleaner and more easily treated water and better long term economic sustainability.

Of course, if you are a short term profit monger, then protecting the environment makes no sense.

Read the full article:


Art vs. Environment: NJ DEP to Remove Green Acres Sculpture

Recently New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection announced that it intends to remove a landscape art structure from the courtyard of its State Street headquarters in Trenton, NJ. Athena Tacha’s Green Acres sculpture was put in place when the building was completed after a competition among landscape architects.

This is a tough call. I have been walking through that courtyard since it was built. From the first day I had a serious complaint over the fact that the design did not utilize native plants from New Jersey or rocks found in this state. In addition, the courtyard was fundamentally impervious and the overall design offered no shade essentially creating a heat island.

You see, my complaint has nothing to do with the artistic design of the space. The curves of the raised beds are very nice.

Athena Tacha Green Acres DEP

A photo of the DEP Courtyard today from The Star Ledger. Tony Kurdzuk/The Star-Ledger

The problem is that the space is typical of the arrogance of the landscape architect community from that era. Put in hardscape at the expense of the living plant community. Ignore the actual environment and “improve” it with human design. Somehow there was a perception that the non-living, man-made surface or the imported plant community is superior to the living native plant community.

I applaud the DEP for looking at putting a rain garden in place with more living plants and less hard surface. If some of the elements of the art can be maintained, that’s great. If it can’t, well, there are times that mistakes, even in the name of art, must be removed.