Solar Panel Recycling…The Next Frontier…

I have written about solar panel recycling before as a concern…As a society, we often put production ahead of end of life use and reuse issues. Just take a look at nuclear waste, solid waste and any other issue where we make a product. Solar panels are certainly something to think about…

solar-panel-recyclingAs noted in the Renewable Energy World article, solar panels, like many products, are made from many component parts that are difficult to recycle when they are mixed together. They contain glass, aluminum, synthetic materials including EVA and PVB of PVF, silicon solar cells and metals including lead, copper, gallium and cadmium.

Of course, like any form of recycling, solar panel recycling must be cost effective. More importantly, the cost of recycling the solar panel should be reflected in the cost of both the solar panel and its installation. Yes, an advanced disposal fee, or in this case, an advanced recycling fee should be included in the upfront costs of the technology.

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Solar PV Module Recycling — Why It’s Important


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