Let’s Just Throw Safety Rules For the Environment Into the Ocean

Yet again, this administration is showing its true colors. Green…and not for environmental, health or safety, but for greed and profits. You would think that after the Deepwater Horizon disaster, and the embarrassing response by a supposedly environmentally responsible company, our Government, a government charged with protecting all of us, would adopt more stringent safety standards.

deepwater horizon spill

Well, it did. At least the prior Administration did. So what does the current compilation of greedy snake oil salesmen do? They announce that they are going to scrap these rules.

Oh why not…after all, this group is clearly of the opinion that the taxpayer should subsidize industry for the benefit of the few.

This is shameful.

U.S. to Roll Back Safety Rules Created After Deepwater Horizon Spill
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Why not Simply Burn the Mona Lisa if we are Cold

Mr. Trump has taken yet another step to destroy that which is really owned by all of us. His logic is that we need to get more oil and gas as well as other minerals out of all of the land as quickly as we can so that we can make the cost of these items as low as we can. Of course, his real goal is to simply enrich archaic and dying industries so that he can also enrich himself and his friends.

Destroying Bears Ears National Monument with the arguments that we need to get into this area for the good of the Country is the equivalent of saying let’s burn the Mona Lisa because we are cold. Both result in the destruction of a masterpiece. Both result in irreparable harm.

Bears Ears National Monument

This is just another shameful action that will harm future generations.

This man reminds me of a character from a famous book, The Lord of The Rings…and I am paraphrasing…

The end of the book shows a disgraced megalomaniac doing all that he can to destroy a beautiful area…and when confronted, he states that he does not care about that, but he is happy that it will take many years to repair his damage.

Sound familiar?

Trump Slashes Size of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Monuments
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New Technology = New Opportunity.

We see that the issue of resource location will have a large impact on the future of renewable and clean technologies. Who controls the sources of elements such as Lithium and Cobalt as well as other metals can indeed impact the price and development speed of these new technologies.

lithium and colbaltThe Times report on this problem raises some elemental (pardon the pun) questions…but there are always options. In November, Reuters reported that recycling companies are developing new means of extracting metals from old batteries. This could be a critical source of such raw materials.

Of course our illustrious leaders have said that this is a priority…and their solution will be to destroy natural areas rather than mine existing sources through recycling…Sorry…that was mean…

This should be an opportunity..let’s not waste it.

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Metal recyclers prepare for electric car revolution
U.S. Launches Effort to Reduce Reliance on Imports or Critical Minerals
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Are we Tired of Scott Pruitt Yet? Tom Kean, Sr. Thinks So

scott pruitt dirty waterIf you are tired about seeing more on Scott Pruitt, I am sorry…but you aren’t the only one. Governor Kean of New Jersey seems to be of the same mind. I strongly suggest that you read his editorial about the destruction of the EPA under Pruitt.

The result of these activities will be dirty air, dirty water, industry run amok. And it appears that people don’t care…well they do, but they have to do something.

Scott Pruitt must go.

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Trump Should Fire the E.P.A.’s Scott Pruitt
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