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Representative Leonard Lance Wrong on His Pipeline Statements

Recently, among a rash of actions by the President, Mr. Lance stated that the President was right to move both the Keystone XXL and Dakota Access Pipelines to be built.

Leonard LanceI have commented on both projects before, but Mr. Lance’s comments deserve to be criticized as what they are; pandering and ignorant.

His support is based on two claims. One that the pipelines will help to reduce the price of oil and two that they have been deemed environmental safe and endorsed by labor unions and business organizations alike.

Well, on the first point, what is his evidence? Oil has remained fairly stable as a result of conservation activities as much as new sources of energy. Also, the Alaskan pipeline was built with many of the same promises. Guess what, the oil from that pipeline rarely made it to the U.S. Market.

As to environmental safety. The number of spills from oil pipelines is not exactly reassuring. As to labor unions and business endorsing the pipelines, well, that makes sense. They benefit from the work.

No Mr. Lance, the President’s action on these pipelines is not well thought out and your support is poorly thought out as well.

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Gas Tax Narrow Mindedness

As much as I think that the ultimate deal on passing the gasoline tax was a poorly thought out compromise, it does at least allow New Jersey to fund its transportation infrastructure. Now, several legislators want to undermine the law by limiting the tax to road improvements at the expense of mass transit improvements.

New Jersey Gas TaxIt is frightening to hear such provincial thinking. Apparently these legislators are of the mind set that it is ok to subsidize roads with general tax dollars and have mass transit cost more in this state than almost any other part of the country but it is not ok to have a gasoline tax pay for mass transit.

More disturbing is the provincial self serving attitude that since their communities have limited mass transit services from rail, it is not in the best interest of the state to use this money for a broad range of transportation improvements.

Instead of this silly statement, why not take real action on the rail line that they purport to support?

Come on, we are all in this together.

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Why Bother with Science When Politics Will Do?

environmental protection agencyThe AP has reported that, and this says so much…”the Trump Administration is mandating that any studies or data from scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency undergo review by political appointees before they can be released to the public.”

Am I the only one who sees a problem here? I don’t think so.

I understand that in the end it is political appointees that set policy. But this level of restriction is the highest that has ever been imposed on the EPA.

My favorite order of the administration is that the EPA has been told to strip mention of climate change from the EPA website. REALLY!!!???? Why not…an ignorant population can’t complain about facts that they are not given. Better yet, let’s simply give out Alternative Facts…(Tired of this phrase…I hope so..)

The prior administration in Canada forbid staff from even using the term Climate Change. Yes, not using the words will certainly help stop Climate Change from happening.

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Trump political team will review all EPA science


Pinelands Pipeline a Mistake

When four Governors from different parties, and three former officials of an agency warn that the decision being contemplated to allow for a new gas pipeline through the Pinelands is a mistake, why would the sitting commissioners and staff ignore their input?

south jersey gas

The answer is fairly clear, the Pinelands Commission has been Gerrymandered by the Governor to allow one company, South Jersey Gas, to profit at the expense of everything else.

The issue is less about whether the pipeline is safe, that is, that it will leak, than it is the dangerous precedent that it sets for undoing four decades of protection for a globally recognized treasure; the New Jersey Pinelands. It is also about a dangerous trend that is rampant as of January 20 of this year about disregarding the facts for quick profits.

While I agree that natural gas is a better fuel than coal or oil and that a power plant conversion is beneficial to the goal of cleaner air, it is the adulteration of the process and the blatant disregard of all the facts that makes this power play so sad.

There is still a hope that this can be defeated, but a slim hope.

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