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So Much for President Trump Being a Smart Business Person

President Trump has now gutted rules put in place by President Obama’s administration that were designed to protect U.S. Taxpayers from wasting dollars on unprotected infrastructure. This move was made against the advice of business and conservative tax leaders as well as environmental advocates.

president trump tax dollarsNow, rather than insuring that structures such as roads, hospitals and infrastructure that are built with tax dollars are armored, raised and otherwise built to offset the effects of storms and rising sea levels, our hyper intelligent president has said no. Instead let’s use other people’s money, oh wait, our money, to build substandard, unprotected structures in order to give our money to my friends; and, wait for it, who cares if people die as a result?

This action belies any rational thought…not a surprise really…but it is one that our congressional leaders should work to reverse.

I have often used the motto good, cheap, fast…pick any two…

Well, when it comes to our tax dollars, we have seen the choice by our “leader”…cheap and fast…the heck with good.

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Scott Pruitt is a Dangerous Man

URGENT UPDATE: October 13th 2017


I am not prone to such outbursts in my blog…but read all of the attached…The be even more afraid.

Note that my sources are real…I revise my earlier note that this is a dangerous administration with regard to environmental issues…It is worse…It is an administration that has determined that ethics mean nothing, people don’t count at all and all that matters is how companies that are no longer sustainable can have their owners enriched at the expense of each of us.


‘The war on coal is over’: Environmental Protection Agency to repeal Clean Power Plan

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EPA Chief Announces Reversal Of Obama-Era Curbs On Coal Plants

Having had the pleasure of dealing with the USEPA over the years under different administrations and for different reasons, I find the actions of the current Administrator to be the most disturbing that I have ever witnessed. The current administrator seems to think that he can destroy the agency from within through his actions.

Worse yet, he is acting in a manner that clearly demonstrates that his dismantling of regulations is designed to harm more people in a short time in order to bolster polluters’ profits without regard to sound scientific principles or ideas. Why would he act in secret if this was not the case?

Scott Pruitt is a cancer on the agency and a real threat to the health and safety of our land, water and air.

I have not always agreed with the actions of administrators, but I at least have respected their intent. The current administrator clearly has an intent of destruction and he should be removed from office.

scott pruitt

Since that is not likely to happen, we must call out his actions and make them public.

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Scott Pruitt Is Carrying Out His E.P.A. Agenda in Secret, Critics Say
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Governor Brown and California Understand Both Economics and Leadership; Trump does not.

I am impressed that California has extended its Cap and Trade program for Carbon emissions. The program, which nationally has no hope of moving forward under this administration, has been demonstrated to work in British Columbia and is now on its way to getting better in California.

carbon emissions footprintBy work, I mean that it both reduces Carbon emissions and boosting the economy.

Unfortunately, on a national scale we are being “led” by those that see economics as a mechanism that benefits them and a system that is arcane and out of date. That is, the old let’s take all of our resources and destroy all that we can so that the few who have much can have more.

California is showing a different route. All can do well and good at the same time.

Sadly, we have a few more months in New Jersey before we have any chance for change here. Wouldn’t it be nice to see New Jersey move in this direction?

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Gov. Jerry Brown signs law to extend cap and trade, securing the future of California’s key climate program


Trump and Coal = Pollution and Poorer Future

I was trying to think about a time when the environment that we all rely on was under an assault as great as it is now. The closest I can think of was when Reagan was President. But even he was not as bad as the current president. This man-boy honestly thinks that he can go back in time and bring coal back as fuel.

coal trumpWorse, he really does not care that the extraction process is a rape of the land. Know that this is not a word to be used lightly….but it is indeed a rape.

Who will benefit? Not the American people. Not the unemployed…..most coal extraction is mechanical. There will be a few jobs, but not that many.

No, the few coal owners will benefit.

Who will be harmed…nearly everyone else. Children and adults with asthma…the water that we drink, the air that we breathe and sadly, the land that we take for granted as being protected for all time.

This policy is the equivalent of burning a Rembrandt to keep warm overnight….once it is gone it is gone…

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Under Trump, Coal Mining Gets New Life on U.S. Lands
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